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Honda XL500S "Special"

An un-dead Franken-bike story

I bought a 1981 XL500S frame and engine some years back, with its own plate. Used the engine to build the Al Baker bike and forgot about the frame. Until I realized that I had almost enough spare part in boxes to assemble a whole bike. So I tried putting the puzzle together and got carried away...

unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg

Some parts left over from previous projects. Fox Air Shox maybe?

White Brothers swing arm and 84 XR500R forks?

And a rebuilt 1981 XR500R engine, plus a pair of ITC Ohlins for height.

XL500S Special: Our Products

Ready to ride!

unnamed (7).jpg

With the Don Vesco tank from the Al Baker project, a Supertrapp muffler, nice plastics, a new headlight shroud, the brand new Mikuni 38mm, 12V conversion, a nice brand new headlight shroud and other goodies here and there, it makes a nice bike (that needs finishing now).

The seat was moved back almost one inch to accommodate the tank properly. Also, the steering stem had to be lengthened by almost an inch (welded a chopped steering stem from another frame) to accommodate the 1984 forks assembly.

Needs some adjustments (and a new seat foam!!), some welding for the steering stem extension, but here is a great off-road bike that flies!

Clearly not as capable as the C&J farmed bikes but for the cost, well worth it. Try it!

This one has a title and is roadworthy, I may take it for the Barstow to Vegas before I get too old...

Needs an air box, powder-coating the frame and blinkers first.

A cool exhaust header is also on the cards.

unnamed (8).jpg
XL500S Special: Products
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