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Just a regular Joe

I do have XRosis tough, a chronic illness that compels me to think about XRs, dream about XRs, ride XRs and tinker with them. Oh the tinkering...

Honda XR500R 1981.png
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I bought my first XR500R in 1981, from a dealer Belgium and had it shipped to my home in France in May.

By August I had managed to have it legally registered for road use, defeating French bureaucratic hurdles. To this day, I believe it was the first ever registered XR500R in France.

I still have this bike. It did go to Africa for a while, Zambia to be precise. It got there and back by plane, lazy queen... For many years it stayed in the barn, gathering dust.

One year, I moved to California and discovered the land of abundant and cheap motorcycle parts and gasoline. A new era had started.

I entered the world of C&J frames, Simons forks, FOX suspension, White Brothers parts, Megacycle ... Heaven.

Today, I have far too many bikes across two continents.

Enjoy :) 

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