The wonderful people

The journey through the history of the XR500 C&J got me to meet some wonderful people. I am so grateful for their help and their kindness and their interest.
  • Jeff Cole (CA) formerly of C&J
  • Mark Palermo (AZ) and his amazing collection of bikes, his incredible knowledge
  • Eric Davis (CA) who supplied his frame to Jeff to start the modern series of frames
  • Michael Middleton (CA) for his support and advice building my first C&J
  • Sylvain Fromont (Fr.) and his incredible amount of knowledge ad kindness
  • Ross ? for letting me have his HPF airbox
  • Sean le Breuilly (UK) who owns a HPF mono and knows so much about this bike
  • Thomas Even (De) who also owns a HPF mono with very unusual parts
  • Cameron Smith (CA) and his infectious enthusiasm for the XRs
  • Phil¬†Douglas (CA) who offered his shocks dyno and most importantly his incredible expertise of suspension systems
  • JP Morgen¬†(CA) who delivered superb machine work at great prices
  • Alain Capel (Fr) and his incredible collection of ... planes
  • Richard Vandenberg (NZ) and his impeccable collection of XR500s who rides his C&J like others fly F18s
  • Paul (CA) who got the Carillo rod fitted and built the most amazing C&J I have ever seen
  • Joe Goodin (NZ)
  • Mark Millhouse (UK) who pushed me down the crazy road of wanting a HPF mono
  • Bruce Hayes (CA) who sold me his C&J monoshock, with paperwork and all
  • Johann Koenig (CA) who cam with me to San Felipe for the Baja 250
  • JP Colliat and Philippe Vellut (Fr) for their passion for C&J
  • Jim Beasley Jr (PA) and his amazing collection of C&Js and airplanes
  • Steve Mego (CA) and his incredible patience, knowledge and help
  • And so many others...